About us

The National Association for Secondary Moderns (NASM) was established in 2013 as a champion for Secondary Moderns and the great work that they do (often with little or no recognition). Headteacher of Giles Academy, Ian Widdows says that “we want to speak about the reality of selective education today”. We are extremely proud of our students, they are ambitious, confident, successful young people who learn well. Many go on to University and have great careers. They have opportunities to develop new skills and challenge themselves in an incredibly wide range of courses and activities.

Today one in every five secondary schools in England is affected by academic selection. The current debate about increasing the number of grammar school places has provided us with a very welcome opportunity to contest many of the misconceptions about Secondary Moderns and also to speak about the challenges which we face every day. We want to form a network of schools leaders and wider professionals who are able to support each other, share ideas and develop strategies to further improve the opportunities for our communities.